Policy recommendations on effectively promoting teaching mobility in Europe

With the main aim of the project being to tackle the access to teaching mobility to junior academic teachers and researchers and to improve the quality of their mobility experiences, it is crucial that the project’s conclusions and findings are are streamlined into concrete policy recommendations that could be reflected in the actions of the new, post-2020 programme for education and training of the European Commission.

As such, the recommendations will contribute to the priorities of the revised Modernisation Agenda for Higher Education, putting emphasis on the need for systematic and ongoing professional development of teachers, strategic support for their pedagogical, curriculum design, and transversal skills training, and on the recognition of teaching skills in Europe.

The policy recommendations would be also complemented by more practical recommendations and examples of good practices for institutions and individuals (academic staff) interested in teaching mobility gained throughout the project, consultation meetings, and the design and piloting phases of the platform.

The recommendations intend to address the challenges reflected in previous studies and projects on teaching mobility, such as the lack of in-service training and intercultural preparation for teachers going on mobility or the sheer lack of information about existing opportunities at higher education institutions.