The Teach with Erasmus+ project (TWE+) aims to create an online “Marketplace” for teaching staff in order to facilitate, encourage, and promote teachers’ mobility across Europe. This would be an unprecedented and crucial innovation for the European Higher Education Area, which would address some of the most pressing concerns and obstacles to academic mobility in the European Union.

The project fulfils this objective primarily by the development of an online platform (ETMP) where teachers can meet online to offer their expertise for international partners and/or to invite fellow teachers for teaching assignments at their Higher Education Institutions. The ETMP will be a logical continuation of, the current platform providing a marketplace for staff mobility for training.

In addition, TWE+ will further contribute to the implementation of quality teaching mobility by creating an interactive database/catalogue, containing a wide array of teaching methods and pedagogical tools in order to support teachers’ mobility, and to raise the overall quality of international guest lectures for the students.

By collating and offering teachers' expertise online for international partners, the volume, quality and accessibility of teaching mobilities are expected to increase. The planned catalogue of innovative pedagogical tools and methods will result in a commonly agreed framework for high quality teaching mobility.

The target group of this project are mainly higher education teaching staff, and specially Junior profiles, as they will be the main beneficiaries of the project outcomes. Students, as well as administrative staff working with administering Erasmus+ staff mobility will indirectly benefit through the project, as teaching quality will improve and administration of staff teaching mobilities will be reduced.

Partners: Eötvös Loránd University, University of Alcalá, Réseau des universités des capitales de l’Europe (UNICA), Institut polytechnique UniLaSalle, European University Foundation