Throughout the lifetime of the TWE+ project, the partners organized several events and activities.The aim of these activities were to complement the work carried out under the different intellectual outputs, to collect feedback from the stakeholders of the project and promote the first findings of the project.

In the first year of the project there were two focus group seminars where the partners invited internal and external experts who supported the research on quality teaching mobility and the benchmarking of pedagogical tools and methods.

All three university partners - ELTE, Unilasalle and University of Alcalá - planned one teaching mobility pilot, for the purpose of testing the Erasmus+ short-term academic mobility and the intellectual outputs that support the mobility. Unfortunately, only the teaching mobility at Unilasalle was realized in March 2020, after this no physical activities took place due to the COVID-19 restrictions

After assessing the pros and cons, the consortium decided it is best to create a new dissemination event, an online training for academics where they were introduced to the main findings of the research and the concepts of assessing the quality and impact of teaching mobility.

The consortium held three dissemination events in the form of online conferences. The first event which took place in October 2020 aimed at disseminating the first results of the project about quality teaching mobility. The second online conference was targeted to academics who are interested in innovative pedagogical tools and methods. The final conference revealed the final version of the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform(www.teachingmobility. and the policy recommendations on how to promote effectively promote teaching mobility in Europe (policy, institutional and individual level).

The consortium held two transnational project meetings in November 2018 and in October 2019. After March 2020, all project meetings were held online.