We aim to create tangible results within our cooperation.

The products that will be available thanks to this project are:

  • Research and Quality & Impact tool for Teaching Mobility Assessment
  • Catalogue of pedagogical tools & methods
  • E+ Teaching mobility platform development (ETMP)
  • Impact analysis & policy recommendations

To promote our work and our products, we will held the following events:

  • Consultation with stakeholders in Brussels
  • Conference on Innovative Pedagogical Tools & Methods in Beauvais
  • Staffmobility 2.0 and ETMP launch conference in Budapest

In order to test and develop our products, we will create three short-term teaching mobility events:

  • Beauvais teaching mobility by UniLaSalle in March 2020
  • Alcalá teaching mobility by University of Alcalá in September 2020
  • Budapest teaching mobility by ELTE (Eötvös Loránd University) in October 2020