Teaching mobility at University of Alcalá

With Trends and Transitions in Europe (1920-2020), we aim at taking a look back into the days after the First World War, when the West was traumatized, impoverished and facing a geopolitically uncertain future, yet the Europeans directed their energies inwards toward aesthetic and intellectual self-discovery and produced a new brands of art, science, and spirituality while flocking to exciting but dangerous new ideologies including communism and fascism. We aim to place it in dialogue with current age of uncertainty, with a greater emphasis in its many legacies in present day politics, society, and culture.

To this end, we are looking for faculty staff in the fields of Literature and Arts, Linguistics, and History, Politics and Thought that wish to participate, aligning their current teaching expertise with the thematic line here proposed choosing one of the following field-oriented tracks: 

Track 1:

Literature and Arts

Track 2:

History, Politics and Thought 

Track 2:

Linguistics and Sciences 

Each track encompasses a full day symposium —on Friday—, addressed primarily to undergraduates of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Alcalá. The symposia so scheduled shall be preceded by a seminar to help students prepare their presentations and get ready for the symposium.