Published on 2021-06-16

We are pleased to invite you to the Tomorrow's Innovation for a Truly European Teaching Experience Conference, the closing conference of the Teach with Erasmus+ project that will be held online on 2 July 2021, between 9:00 and 12:30.

Published on 2021-06-10

The team of Teach with Erasmus+, with the leadership of Unilasalle, held a successful conference last week.

If you participated on the conference, and wish to refresh your memories, or you missed it but are willing to learn about it, you can read Laura Colo's (UNICA) article, in which she summarizes the main takeaways:

Read about the conference

Published on 2021-06-02

The reverse conference, an innovative way to share, disseminate and produce contents!

Unilasalle, as the host of the second multiplier event within the Teach with Erasmus+ project - Innovative methodologies for mobile academics, an international pedagogical conference - will use the reverse conference format during their event. How does it work?

Published on 2021-05-26

The Teach with Erasmus+ (TWE+) team gladly invites education science specialists, higher education mobility experts or those academics who would like to boost their teaching mobility with innovative pedagogical methods to participate the reverse conference titled:

Innovative methodologies for mobile academics - International pedagogical reverse conference

Published on 2021-05-25

The team of Teach with Erasmus+ gladly invites all experts in in pedagogy and educational sciences in higher education and those who are interested in combining their academic mobility with innovative pedagogical methods.

In this conference, the participants will have the opportunity to engage in workshops and discover innovative pedagogical practices in higher education.

Published on 2021-01-07

We, the Teach with Erasmus+ Team gladly announce a new international training for academic staff about improving the quality of teaching mobilities.

The training programme is based on the Teach with Erasmus+ project’s research results on the characteristics of teaching mobility and uses the Quality & Impact Tool for Teaching Mobility Assessment developed in the project as a source.

Published on 2020-10-25

Either you participated in our conference on 1 October and wish to refresh your memories, or you did not attend the event, but plan to listen to the presentations, it is possible now by visiting the

conference page

and watch each presentation and the panel discussion.


Published on 2020-10-08

Whether you attended the conference or not, you may wish to go through the presentations once again.

You can find all the presentations from the conference if you visit

Conference on Quality Teaching Mobility - Consultation with stakeholders

Published on 2020-10-02

We, on behalf of the whole Teach with Erasmus+ consortium would like to thank to all speakers and attendees who joined our conference.

On Thursday, 1 October 2020 our project achieved an important milestone and we presented our work to a wider audience.

More than 100 attendees followed the online conference on Zoom. The conference included 9 presentations with Q&A sessions, and a panel discussion with 5 panelists from different European universities.

Published on 2020-09-24

We gladly announce that the deadline for registration to the Quality Teaching Mobility conference has been extended to 29 September 2020.

You can register on the following link until next Tuesday:

Link to the registration form