Conference on Innovative Pedagogical Tools & Methods

Hosted by UniLaSalle in Beauvais, France, this conference aims at communicating about the project results among practitioners in pedagogy and educational sciences in higher education, as well as to create broader awareness amongst the higher education community.

The event will feature a part on innovative pedagogical tools and methods and the discussions among teaching faculty and practitioners with regard to the quality of teaching and the role of pedagogy. This part will include break-out groups and round tables on the institutionalisation of pedagogy in higher education institutions, the use of pedagogical tools and methods, pilot tests for teaching faculty to use new pedagogical tools and methods, the presentation and the promotion of 2.0 and the virtual catalogue of pedagogical tools and methods.

The conference also includes a part on pedagogical tools & methods in the field of entrepreneurship: TEDx format, innovation and implementation of new methods and tools shared among students, their future employers and professors, lab sessions to gather really disruptive ideas, seminars where private sectors employees are joining students teams for an academic refreshing break, etc.