Catalogue of pedagogical tools & methods

Pedagogical tools and methods are used to transmit knowledge to students in various ways. These are essential elements of successfully acquiring new information, skills and competences during the learning process.

While using new and innovative teaching methodologies and tools has significant impact on the quality of teaching, pedagogical training of higher education teaching staff is fairly recent in Europe.

This intellectual output aims to tackle this area by mapping existing pedagogical tools and methods and making them available in a virtual catalogue and tutorials on the new Teaching Mobility Platform. When academics will look for new teaching opportunities on the platform, they will meet the catalogue and tutorials, and this step will enable them to select from these tools and methods to enhance their teaching experience. Individual who are interested in such catalogue may also benefit from it.

The teaching mobility pilots during the TWE+ project will offer the opportunity to test the impact and usability of the catalogue.

Visit the catalogue on the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform