The Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform - ETMP, offers and finds opportunities for teaching mobility online, as well as to provide the teachers with the tools to adapt new and effective teaching methodology as part of their teaching mobility to improve the quality and learning outcome of the mobility.

As there is currently no central platform providing a database of opportunities to (especially junior) teaching staff, most teaching mobility is based on existing bilateral contacts or is organised somewhat ad-hoc and at random, often resulting in low-quality teaching mobility.

Thus, creating a central platform innovates the way institutions offer teaching opportunities and for teaching staff to find those opportunities. Furthermore, the inclusion of an overview of innovative pedagogical tools in the platform contributes to increasing the quality of teaching and thus increase the impact of teaching mobility.

The Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform (ETMP) is based on the experience of the, which is the main platform for Erasmus+ staff mobility for training and since its creation in the framework of the IMOTION (LLP) project in 2013 is hosted and maintained by the consortium member - Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe (UNICA). The current platform caters mostly for technical and administrative staff to take part in traditional staff training weeks and job-shadowing opportunities offered by higher education institutions.