The Teach with Erasmus+ has ended - what's next?

The Teach with Erasmus+ Key Action 2 strategic partnership has ended on 31 August 2021. Throughout the three years of the project, the consortium focused on the question: how can the quality of academic mobility be enhanced?

The project partners had the opportunity to delve into this question through research, benchmarking pedagogical tools and methods, developing a brand new online platform that offers a range of services for institutions and academics for mobility, and lastly, all the conclusions and experiences were streamlined into policy recommendations for decision-makers, institutions and academics.

The consortium faced many challenges, the main one being the restrictions due to COVID-19, that affected nearly half of the project. But the partners overcame the situation and successfully delivered the commitments.

But the work does not stop here. The Teach with Erasmus+ project was designed to reach long-term impact on the European Higher Education Area.

This website will be available with all the content, free to the public.

Interested stakeholders in the field of higher education can benefit from the research on the quality aspects of teaching mobility

The Quality and Impact Tool for Teaching Mobility Assessment was created to help those whose work involve teaching mobility: administrative and management staff of International Relations Offices at HEIs, and individual academics involved in teaching mobility. The Tool aims to foster the institutional quality culture regarding to teaching mobility.

Those academics who plan to go on mobility, may benefit from the catalogue of pedagogical tools and methods, which is available on the new Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform on this link.

The policy recommendations to promote teaching mobility are also available freely to all stakeholders, including European and national decision-makers in the higher education, institutions and individual academics.

This website will not be updated after 31 August 2021.

If you wish to follow the Teach with Erasmus+ project, and especially, if you wish to engage in a teaching mobility, please go to the new

Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform

to see the latest updates, teaching mobility opportunities and best stories from other colleagues on mobility.