ETMP launch conference

Teach with Erasmus+, tomorrow’s innovation for a truly European teaching experience

Our aim with this event is to gather stakeholders from the entire European higher education community to create broader awareness to the project. All teachers and staff participated in the project will be invited to this event. 

Furthermore, this event will raise awareness on the existence of the new functionalities of the 2.0 platform and the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Platform among the academic staff (and also universities) and its potential impact on quality teaching mobility. 
General presentations of the outputs will be followed by practical workshops on the products, so that the respective target groups can get practical information on how results can be best used by both academic staff and university coordinators.

The event will have two sections - one targeting general audience and the second targeting active participants who are ready to discover the functionalities of the site, register and take part in workshops on the different teaching methodologies to be used in an international environment.  Teacher training students of ELTE (and other universities too) will be invited to join the workshops and the conference since they constitute the next generation of teaching assistants and as such, an important target audience.

Experts and stakeholders, as well as respective organisations will be invited to participate in the event and disseminate the material via their channels. Academic representatives from other EUF and UNICA network will be invited to participate and exploit the results at the respective universities.